Who Are the Legacy System Protagonists

Who Are the Legacy System Protagonists

Legacy System Protagonists

Who are the parties and people whose interests are bound by the principles of a 20th Century Era and whose actions seem to attempt to prevent us from taking a leap fully into the 21st Century Era?

By Robert Lawson

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Conservatism can apply to a lot of different things or ideas. As generations overlap and race toward the next cycle of innovation or historical era, they are rarely able to see the whole context relative to either innovation or history. Everything is an educated guess as far as the future is concerned, but nonetheless, we continue to analyze and forecast because we operate on the notion of chance and possibility, allowing us to extend ourselves, sometimes even beyond reasonable reach. We are a duality, because as the liberal application of thought contrasts and clashes with the conservative application of thought among a vast collective of sub strains that comprise the ecosystem of human activities, we create both history and innovation. Politics is merely a regulator between the two. As our activity expands on a wider timeline between death and birth cycles (generations), we come to periods of transition. They are rarely observed in history as some magic moment that happens seemingly overnight. We move toward a trajectory upon which our history and innovation drives a wide spectrum of cultural and societal changes at a given moment that gives rise to a new era. That era is upon us in the 21st century, but as with any period, there are colliding interests that want to preserve the benefits they were allotted in the previous century, most of which was carved out of two world wars, followed by a period of wars on terrorism, ideology and narcotics trafficking. Who are the holdover protagonists of this period, clinging to the unraveling rope of the 20the century?

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