Spiteful Former Owner Deletes Ledger Facebook Page

Spiteful Former Owner Deletes Ledger Facebook Page

LAFAYETTE, Minn (LMP) -- Readers of the Ledger were recently shocked to find their local newspaper's Facebook page no longer available. 

One of the previous owners, likely Michael Lemmer but possibly Lee Zion, has deleted the newspaper's Facebook page this past week, making it impossible for followers to stay updated on their local news from the company. 

The new Facebook page will now be available at facebook.com/nicolletcountyledger. Other than Lawson, Zion and Lemmer were the only people with admin level access to the previous Facebook page that had more than 600 followers. 

In the past six months, there has been tumult at the paper. First, Lee Zion made the offer to Robert Lawson, owner of Lawson Media & Publishing in Minnesota, to transfer ownership of the Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger newspaper to Lawson. LMP made the announcement on its website, LinkedIn page and other platforms. Zion had arranged worldwide, statewide and local news media interviews, which can be found doing a simple Google search. The day after the announcement, Zion changed course and instead offered and signed the business over to Michael Lemmer, which prompted Lawson to file a lawsuit against Zion. Subsequently, an offer was sent to Lawson to appear on Judge Judy. Zion fled to Ukraine, but was quickly booted from the country for unknown reasons, according to Van Hee Media LLC owner and Madelia Times Messenger publisher Jeff Van Hee. Zion was allegedly somewhere in South Dakota at the time, claiming his plot in Ukraine was a failure of epic proportions. Zion was looking for a job in print news again, apparently. Zion never responded to the suit and producers for the hit television show, Judge Judy, contacted Lawson about appearing on the show.

Lawson started a new business called South Central News & Media LLC, which Lemmer wanted to be part of for a 30 percent stake in exchange for 15 hours per week working as Managing Editor of a newly branded newspaper called the Nicollet County Ledger. The former Lafayette-Nicollet Ledger was shuttered.

Lemmer works part-time at KNUJ radio station in New Ulm in Brown County. Lawson agreed and Lemmer worked for a couple weeks on the newspaper. Lemmer has not contributed anything else to the newspaper since and Lawson is in the process of forcing him out of the business and discussing options with a legal team based in Mankato. Due to the choices Lemmer made, according to Lawson, the newspaper has suffered countless problems in regards to revenue and operations since Lawson was left to fend for himself to keep the business alive. This has frustrated Lawson, subscribers, advertisers and legal notice publishers. It is possible that Lawson may take things a step further and also sue Michael Lemmer for damages related to these actions. 

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