Senator Tina Smith Visited MNSU to Discuss Program Funding

Senator Tina Smith Visited MNSU to Discuss Program Funding

ImageMinnesota State University, Mankato Provost David Hood shared with US Senator Tina Smith the importance of the university campus alongside two programs that received SBA funding in 2021. 

US Senator Tina Smith visited Minnesota State University, Mankato yesterday to discuss the ways two programs at the campus help Southern Minnesota: MNSU Strategic Partnerships received a grant of more than $900,000 from the Small Business Administration, SBA, in 2021. The Center for Rural Behavioral Health has five programs for professionals on campus. Both are finalists and could be awarded $775,000 and $1 million in federal funds respectively.

Smith discussed the success of SBA funding for local food and ag businesses and the importance of Minnesota State University Mankato’s Center for Rural Behavioral Health.

Smith said she is confident the government will be able to secure additional federal funding for both programs in bills sponsored by her and Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Democrat.

Smith, also a Senate Democrat, visited the Mankato university campus to meet with the coordinators of the Mainstreet Businesses Focused on Food and Agriculture (MBFFA) program and top members from the Center for Rural Behavioral Health. Members of each talked about how their work is making a positive impact in the Southern Minnesota region.

Smith is currently working on obtaining congressionally-directed spending (CDS) for the projects. She met with Minnesota State provost David Hood, Director of Workforce Professional Education Tammy Bohlke, Dean of the College of Allied Health and Nursing Dr. Patricia Marincic and other MNSU leaders. Those at the table that morning advocated by sharing examples of how the programs have helped people across this portion of the state. 

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