Saturday: MN State Patrol Reports Nearly 300 Crashes So Far This Weekend

Saturday: MN State Patrol Reports Nearly 300 Crashes So Far This Weekend

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Snow and ice have accumulated in Minnesota this mid-January after an unseasonably warm month of December. Crashes have increased according to the Minnesota State Patrol this weekend. 

Minnesota State Patrol released the numbers to the media: almost 300 cars slid off the road or crashed between Friday and Saturday morning.

"We did see crashes and a lot of spin outs and vehicle off roads overnight. Luckily, not a lot of injury crashes," Minnesota State Patrol Lieutenant Jill Frankfurth told reporters.

As the windy and cold temperatures along with blowing snow continue through Sunday, the state patrol says it will still represent problems for drivers on the road. 

"We still need to be aware of the road conditions today," Frankfurth said. "Even though the snow has stopped, I think the best thing people can do is prepare before they travel. So checking 511 That'll give you your most up to date road conditions."

The federal Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Day holiday will put more drivers on the road past Sunday as well. Much of the United States is currently experiencing cold temperature and heavy snow as far south as South Carolina as Scripps News reported. The state patrol in Minnesota wants drivers to be vigilant with each trip outside in the deadly weather. Stranded drivers can easily freeze to death and some travel advisories have already been announced for several South Central Minnesota and Southwest Minnesota roadways. 

"I think if people don't need to travel, then don't travel. It's bitterly cold out there," Frankfurth said. "But if you do, take those precautions, leave some extra time for traveling, make sure you're increasing that following distance, don't speed wear your seatbelt."

Having a cold weather emergency kit is recommended for such instances of this type of weather. Scientists say global warming has caused the northern arctic polar air to be sucked down toward the United States and North America. This has caused some calamitous weather conditions. 

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