Rainy Weather on Xmas Holiday in Southern Minnesota This Year

Rainy Weather on Xmas Holiday in Southern Minnesota This Year

Photo by Shisma

NORTH MANKATO - It’s warmer than usual this time of year during the Christmas holiday season in Nicollet County. KEYC reported that it will be a “warm, wet Christmas” and they are right. Some families opened gifts on a rainy day, unusual for this upper Midwest state that has a reputation of North Pole-like conditions, rife with snow and cold temperatures. The local TV station also reported that a slow-moving storm system is what brought the rain to the area and much of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa regions. It is forecasted to continue through Christmas day and bring around an inch of rain, with temperatures in the 50s. 

However,  a Winter Weather Advisory has also been issued for locations along and west of Minnesota Highway 15. It will remain in effect from today through Christmas tomorrow. Snow and ice are forecasted for these areas. There won’t likely be more than an inch of snow, but road conditions will be icy and dangerous, so if you’re headed west to South or North Dakota, be advised of blowing snow. Tuesday could see lower temperatures that might mix snow with rain. The storm system is expected to move past the area Wednesday, the report indicated. Expect a light accumulation of snow at best for now. 

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