Nicollet County Administrator Mandy Landkamer Speaks on Budget

By Robert Lawson




Mary Landkamer, Nicollet County Administrator, spoke with Todd Olson from KNUJ about community affairs in Nicollet County, which included budgetary matters in the county. Landkamer complimented her colleagues for making it through the latest election cycle to start off the broadcast. 

After discussing the high turnout election and the staff of Nicollet County’s role in it, the conversation turned to the budget. Olson asked how the County is looking:

“Nicollet County is looking good,” Landkamer said with enthusiasm. 

Landkamer praised the budget committee that consists of a couple county commissioners, the finance director and human resources director on their rational approach to looking at ways to save and to offer value to residents of the county. She said the same of department heads in the local agencies.

“They are very responsible and respectful when they put their budgets together, knowing that these are taxpayer dollars we’re talking about,” she said. “They don’t bring in anything that is irrational.”

The full board of the commissioners review the budget after that process. That happens late August, beginning of September, Landkamer explained to Olson on the broadcast. Counties, by state statute, have to set their preliminary levy by September 30. From summer to fall, the committee, department heads and commisioners are charged with proposing a sensible levy to the county. This year, it was set at 5.2 percent at the September 27 meeting of the County Board. 

“We did have a couple of conversations following that meeting because we did receive some additional information,” Landkamer said. 

Landkamer metioned the importance of the truth in taxation meeting that takes place for county residents to come learn about the budget process and what is involved in the county levy process and budget setting agenda. 

“Unfortunately, we only had about four people show up,” she added. “They had some questions and conerns about the value of their home.”

The proeprty and public services director was available to answer those questions. 

The County Commissioners will make a final decision on the levy at their December 13 meeting. 

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