New Ulm School Board Superintendent’s Report

By New Ulm Schools Superintendent

The final audit process is taking longer than expected. The draft audit was  presented to the finance committee on December 8th. Our auditor needs to  have their work run through compliance and review within their organization.  This is the quality assurance process they use to validate their work. They  are behind due schedule to work volume. A special meeting has been set for  the board to hear the audit and approve it. We need to have the board  approved audit to the state by December 31, 2022. 

It is that time of the year where I spend time reviewing district programs and  work with the principals on the review process for their building level  programs. To offer the best programming for our students, we need to  constantly evaluate what we are doing today – the impact we are making in  student SEL, academics and prepping them for life after high school. The  program review will be ongoing through February.  

I am working with Adam Towels on the proposed drone policy that was  introduced at the November meeting. I have pulled it for the final reading as  he and I both work on adjustments based on cause/effect of the policy  locally. This also includes working with the city and county – regulatory and  law enforcement.  

We continue our work on equity learning with our staff. At the November staff  development day, time was spent viewing videos and answering self reflection questions regarding poverty awareness, homelessness, hunger,  and disabilities. We are planning more sessions in January considering different cultures and religions.  


Mimi Chough (Mental Health Therapist from Greater MN) is part of a  statewide cohort on mental health programs/supports for schools. Her and I  meet frequently to discuss data points, programs, trainings and how to best  support staff. After surveying our student support staff, we have narrowed  our focus for the rest of the year on resource mapping (what is out there for  our different levels of needs – classroom, building, families, district) and the  reporting/tracking process to monitor who is where, who needs what, how  long are they needing support, etc. 

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