MN DPS PSA on Trafficked Children, MMIR on Indigenous Children

MN DPS PSA on Trafficked Children, MMIR on Indigenous Children

Image: Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Minnesota Department of Public Safety Public Service Announcement

Imagine this. Your child comes home with the good news that they have started dating someone. The new partner is sweet and nice as the relationship builds. Then they reveal their true self. What were once gifts now have a cost that must be paid. What were once loving words have now turned into threats. That’s how many of the sex trafficking victims in Minnesota are recruited. While not every relationship ends in human trafficking, the majority of human trafficking cases begin that way.

That’s especially the case for American Indian children, who are 5.8 times more likely to be reported as victims of trafficking compared to white children.

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives (MMIR) Office works to reduce and end violence against all Indigenous people in Minnesota. This work includes fighting the issue of human trafficking disproportionately facing this community.

"As we acknowledged National Human Trafficking Awareness Day this month, we encouraged all of you to amplify the voices of this community to raise awareness about human trafficking," DPS said in a press release. 

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