Minnesota Passed Recreational Weed, Now Local Governments Respond

Minnesota Passed Recreational Weed, Now Local Governments Respond

Photo by Dan Vacek: Legal Marijuana Now Party rally on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol, April 29, 2023.

Here is a breakdown of what's included in the new recreational cannabis law in Minnesota, as reported by CBS News:

Adults 21 and older can possess and travel in MN with 2 ounces of cannabis flower, 8 grams of concentrate, and 800 milligrams worth of THC-containing edible products such as gummies and seltzers.
There are 10 different business licenses individuals can apply for. 
Adults can grow up to eight plants at home but only four may be in the flowering stage at a time.
Pot use is permitted on private property, but  illegal to smoke or vape it anywhere that tobacco smoking is prohibited.
Employers cannot require a drug test to screen for cannabis as a condition of employment. There are some exceptions such as if (1) they are employed in safety-sensitive positions, or (2) they are employed as professional athletes if the professional athlete is subject to a collective bargaining agreement per Sec. 181.951 MN Statutes.
Minor marijuana convictions were automatically expunged on August 1.

Now local governments are tasked with forming frameworks for everything from law enforcement to business support in an industry that was previously illegal. The Ledger previously interviewed county attorneys from Brown County and Nicollet County to get a sense of what their plans were going forward and how the state's Office of Cannabis Management is coordinating with local government.  

Above is the interview with Nicollet County Attorney Michelle Zender-Fischer. Below is the interview with Brown County Attorney Chuck Hanson

So far, only two dispensaries for weed in Minnesota have immediately opened their doors to the public and both are on Indian reservations in the northern part of the state. They were able to more quickly open shop due to their special sovereign status.


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