Local Author Jason Willis Tells the Tale of Joseph Nicollet

Local Author Jason Willis Tells the Tale of Joseph Nicollet

Photos by Robert Lawson

Jason Willis, of Mapleton, presented Joseph Nicollet's 1830s Expeditions on  Friday, January 19. 

People filled the meeting room of the New Ulm Public Library on Friday to learn more about the French explorer, Joseph Nicollet. Willis detailed his journeys to explore the region between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers with his presentation and materials, which also included a historical Jeopardy trivia game that Willis prepared for the evening.

Willis was a high school teacher previously with the Maple River School District in Minnesota before becoming a self published author. The event started at around 1 p.m. Willis shared a variety of facts and information about this particular chapter of Minnesota history. 

The event was filmed by New Ulm Cable Access Television (NUCAT). See photos below. 

author jason willis

Author Jason Willis pictured above.

In the Footsteps of Nicollet

His book "Alchemists Map" was the basis for "In the Footsteps of Nicollet" and was the subject of some of the material discussed during his presentation.

New Ulm Public Library Meeting Room

The New Ulm Public Library meeting room filled with interested participants for the event, which included trivia. 

Nicollet Trivia

Do you know the proper, original French, way to say Nicollet? 

Author Jason Willis event

Willis shared various slides. 

Joseph Nicollet history

Friends and foes of Joseph Nicollet as presented by Willis on this chart. 

Joseph Nicollet Map

Joseph Nicollet's 1843 Map of the Upper Mississippi River and Expedition Routes exhibit provided by Willis. 

Jason Willis Books

Jason Willis is the author of several unique mystery books with a particular twist of Minnesota history intertwined within each novel. His books are sold on his website and sold on Amazon

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