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Ledger Publishes Sunday Edition

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LAFAYETTE, Minn (LMP) -- The Nicollet County Ledger is in a state of transition as many of the paper's readers know.

The Nicollet County Ledger will no longer be publishing its Thursday edition and will be moving to a Sunday edition instead. This new change will enable the editorial staff to focus better on the weekly news in the communities across Nicollet County, which spans a great deal of territory in South Central Minnesota. The Southern Minnesota news market has gone through several changes over the past decade, including a consolidation of many small weekly newspapers. Companies like APG Media (owner of Southern Minnesota News and Saint Peter Herald), CNHI (owner of the Mankato Free Press), Lawson Media & Publishing (owner of LMP News Service) and Alpha Media have been pivotal in the transformation of digital news publishing. Printing costs, inflation, postage and logistics have created a tight atmosphere that has lead to much consolidation of the news media industry and South Central News & Media will play a pivotal role as well.

In the coming weeks, the Ledger's digital and print edition of the newspaper will still be available, but will resume its micropayments model for digital subscription and newsstand sales. The newspaper's budget for print is entirely too dependent upon advertisers, many of whom are struggling themselves. The new approach will focus much more on print and digital branding and digital marketing/advertising services, digital delivery, ecommerce and marketplace services, better classified listings, NFT products, video and social media storytelling. There will also be more focus on features from the community.

Publishing a Sunday edition will give the Ledger a better runtime for newsgathering capability. For businesses in the community, SCNM will be updating its 2023 rate card and service packages for marketing products and services across Nicollet County and the surrounding area. Legal Notices will still be available in print.

The company is currently in the process of restructuring ownership and paying down all of its debts to staff and service providers. The Ledger Facebook page has also been moved to Stay tuned for more updates and check back for our Sunday edition this week.

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