Frentz Working on Ag, Education and Energy on Senate Floor and Committees

Frentz Working on Ag, Education and Energy on Senate Floor and Committees

Minnesota Senator Nick Frentz spent time this session on the Senate floor, working on passing two omnibus bills. An omnibus bill is made up of smaller bills a specific committee has been working on throughout the session. These bills then get combined to create the overall omnibus.

The Education Omnibus is aimed at creating educational opportunities for Minnesotan children, including support for special education teachers. The Labor Omnibus requires salary information to be included in job postings for employers who have more 30 employees. It's aimed at boosting transparency for those who are looking for employment. It also eliminates sub-minimum wages ($8.63) for most workers, according to Frentz.

The DFL led state Senate continued to pass more omnibus bills including the Agriculture Omnibus.

"With more than 2,000 family farms in Senate District 18, I am always looking forward to supporting robust Agriculture policies that benefit our farmers, and in turn, our entire state," Frentz said. "I am proud to report that the Agriculture omnibus continues to support farmers and families to make sure our agricultural economy stays strong in our district."

As the session continues, there are more bills to be reviewed by the Senate.

In the Energy, Utilities, Environment, and Climate Committee a couple weeks back, the Senate heard proposals for new and exciting projects and technologies in a Renewable Development Account (or RDA) hearing. Minnesota needs to be at the forefront of project development and technology to meet climate goals, Frentz said.

"This funding separation allows us to focus on not only our climate goals, but also on making Minnesota a hub for innovation and job creation," Frentz said. "I'm excited to support funding for these projects and future projects that will allow us to be more innovative and environmentally friendly."

The RDA is a separate account specifically for allocating funds to innovative green technology projects. The Senate heard proposals for new techniques in food waste management, electric vehicle design, and others. 

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