Continued Problems at USPS Preventing Ledger Subscription Delivery in Nicollet

By Robert Lawson




The Nicollet County Ledger is currently experiencing difficulties with delivery. The Ledger has been working with the United States Postal Service (USPS) on switching the account over from the previous owner, Lee Zion, who sold off the newspaper in an arrangement that resulted in a lawsuit against him in district court in Nicollet County and prompted an offer to settle the case on Judge Judy. While Zion breached his agreement with me, he made a subsequent offer to my current partner, Michael Lemmer, who also works at KNUJ Radio in New Ulm. Zion ended up being forcefully removed from the business during his transition out for publishing an offensive answer to his acrostic puzzle in July 2022, which was sexually explicit and offensive to women. Zion fled to Ukraine and was subsequently found to be back in the United States, allegedly staying in Sioux Falls, SD and looking for a job in local media here, according to sources. We can only assume he either got kicked out of Ukraine or was disgracefully rejected by forces there serious about a deadly war Zion had no business attempting to help with in any way.

The newspaper subsequently faced severe financial hardship after this. I have spent my entire personal savings to save the newspaper and have no help from outside investors or anyone else. My other company, Lawson Media & Publishing, also helped bail the paper out but that cannot continue. Adding salt to the wound is the USPS’ failure for more than a month to switch over our account and postal delivery route. This is an ongoing issue and is still not resolved. We were just given paperwork finally after weeks of phone calls and post office visits to switch the account over to South Central News & Media LLC, the new owner of the newspaper. We have submitted the paperwork and yet still crickets from USPS on the issue. At this time, we are offering free versions of the newspaper on our digital edition to be published this week, including back issues. 

We are urging our subscribers to support us and send letters to the postmasters in Nicollet and New Ulm to pressure them to act. Our newspaper is printed in Madelia and is distributed across the entire county, making Nicollet Post Office a less than ideal location for delivering to subscribers in a timely fashion due to the logistics of the operation, considering distance vs. time. We are almost never able to make it to the post office before 4 p.m. after picking up the order from Madelia and distributing. Even worse, the post office in Lafayette closes at noon so that’s out of the question entirely. New Ulm is logistically our best option for timely delivery but here we sit and wait. We will also be posting all of our stories on for free to readers. This will also include ads, public notices and obituaries. 


Our schedule has been severely disrupted due to this problem, so our next step will be to file a complaint with the Postmaster General. We will again urge our subscribers to support us and send letters to the Postmaster General as well. 

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