Time Flies For Free

Time Flies For Free

The heatwave is over, for now. The past few days have been practically perfect
weather-wise. Absolutely Beautiful. Have you had an opportunity to enjoy them?
It’s really easy to get caught up and swept away by the daily grind. Even when you’re not grinding hard the day can get away from you. Time is slippery sometimes. It’s also relevant to the task at hand as we’ve all found. Time Flies When You’re Having Fun. As it can likewise crawl along like a snail stuck in syrup when doing a chore you don’t find fun.

But fun is in the eye of the beholder, so to speak, is it not? One person’s fun is another’s dreaded chore. Different Strokes - Different Folks. So how do we find the fun in something where we have not found it before? How to make time fly when performing any task, and have it slow down so we can savor the sweetest moments of life?

Perhaps approach a task you previously dreaded from a new perspective. Find a new way of looking at it, see it with fresh eyes. Or maybe it’s as easy as just being grateful for the opportunity to wake to a new day. To possess the health and vigor to tackle the tasks of the day.

It can also help to ask for help. To find a person or people to team up with. A partner who actually enjoys doing the things you don’t, and vice versa. I’m no expert here, that’s why I’m asking You by writing this, to also ask myself. My time management skills could perhaps use some management. I’d rather piddle around with some
new art project or app, or go for a walk in the woods than Get To It & Hit The Books.

But I’ll continue to try to Stay Focused, and that’s what it boils down to ultimately.
If We Focus On The Things That Matter To Us We Can Accomplish Anything.
Make sure to put some extra Love into everything you do and allow yourself to feel some Pride in a job well done. Then get moving on the rest of the work, and try to remember to sing some praises for the opportunity. We’re all here for a reason, and that’s to leave our mark on this world.

Do you want that mark to be something beautiful: a memory, memorial, event, etc? Or do you want to leave a scar behind when you depart: in the hearts and history of humankind or upon the Land. That’s a choice we each have, a choice made with every decision we make every moment of every day.

Let’s all try to remember to Give Thanks for the chance to make a difference. We have a lot of work to do. Let’s make something together that we are proud to hand to our children and grandchildren. Their grandchildren will thank us. We’re All in this Together, come Hell or High Water. So let’s make some room in the lifeboats for everyone.

Enjoy these beautiful days of this waning summer. The cold and dark is coming soon but if we hold onto the simple Joy of Being Alive we’ll make it through, Together As One.

Have No Fear for the Horizon Ahead - We Got This!
Michael Lemmer
July 26, 2022

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